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InkTec research and manufacture high quality World Class small and large format Inks

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Inktec UK has been supplier of inkjet ink refills, printer cartridge, refill kits, solvent ink, pigment ink and toner refills since 1997 operating around the whole of the UK, Europe and further afield. Inktec deals with inks for all printer manufacturers

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Solvent Ink for Mimaki JV3 Eco solvent ink Hewlett Packard No 81 cartridge C4940A InkTec Ink for HP Plotters
Mimaki JV-3 Solvent Ink in Bulk Eco-Solvent Ink in Bulk HP No 81 & 83 HP Plotter Ink

High Quality Solvent Ink Cartridges by Inktec for Mimaki JV3-130S / JV3-160S / JV3-250S Roland Solvent Z / Soljet EX series / SJ-1000

High Quality Solvent Ink Cartridges by Inktec for Mimaki JV3-130S / JV3-160S / JV3-250S Roland Solvent Z / Soljet EX series / SJ-1000

Mutoh Epson Roland Kodak Mimaki Large format cartridges and refill inks

High Quality Solvent Ink Cartridges by Inktec for Epson 4000 - 7600 - 9600

Mimaki - JV3 Cartridges

Eco-Solvent Cartridges

Mimaki JV2 - JV4 - Mutoh Roland

Epson 4000 - 7600 - 9600 Cartridges

Inktec Refill Kit for HP 364 cartridges PGI-525 Inktec Refill Kit Inktec Refill Kit for Canon CLI-521 colour cartridges
Inktec Kits for HP 920 Inktec Kits for Canon PG540 and CL-541
Inktec Refill Kit for HP 364 cartridges Inktec Refill Kit for Canon PGI-520 cartridges Inktec Refill Kit for Canon CLI-521 colour cartridges
Inktec Kits for HP 364 Inktec Kits for Canon PGI-525 and CLI-526

The InkTec UK website deals with InkTec ink products including Large format products manufactured by InkTec co. Ltd. such as solvent ink, water based Pigment / Dye Ink, Dye Sub. Ink, UV curable Ink, Oil Ink, & various substrates for Inkjet printers an extensive range of inkjet refills - refill kits paper - photo glossy media to name but a few Inkjet refill systems - Inkjet Inks - Inkjet cartridges - Coated Media - supplies to Europe the UK and global marketplaces

Bulk Inkjet inks - Small Formats

Bulk Inkjet inks - Large Formats

Bottles of ink for refilling inkjet printers

Bottles of ink for refilling large format inkjet printers





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Refill Kits


Refill Kits


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InkTec Canon Refill Kit

InkTec HP refill kits

Lexmark InkTec refill kit

Xerox inkjet refill kits - InkTec


Bulk and bottles of refill inkjet inks

InkTec large format inkjet products

InkTec photo inkjet papers

InkTec Epson compatible inkjet cartridge

We have distributed InkTec products in the UK for over 11 years (since June 1997). Complimenting the InkTec range we also stock other brands of quality compatible inkjet cartridges for Epson and Canon printers plus a number of other interesting inkject ink refills mainly to cover the Epson range of cartridges. We offer a wide range in ink refills, printer cartridges,

InkTec's Large Format Ranges are now featured on this site.

We pride ourselves in ensuring the despatch of all of goods promptly. Small items go by First Class Post and items above 2kg in weight are sent by next day Courier.

We Offer the UK's Lowest Prices on Large Format Ink Cartridges! Ink refill kit for Large format inkjet cartridges for Large format ink Printer ink Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges. InkMan refills recycle your printer ink cartridges to help the environment, same day despatch, money back guarantee, secure online ordering.

Inktec UK for all your inkjet ink refills, printer cartridges, refill kits solvent ink, pigment ink and toner refills. (unless otherwise stated)

If you have any questions you may contact us - Monday- Friday 9am till 5pm. All of the products that we supply have been selected for their high quality and we offer a money back or replacement no quibble guarantee.

We supply inkjet ink refills products for Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon, Xerox, Lexmark, Kodak, Samsung, Olivetti, Apple and Apollo Inkjet printers.

We offer a wide range of inkjet ink refills and toner refills products superior quality large format printing. We utilize the latest technology in digital print today and keep up to date with the rapidly evolving digital world. Knowledge, experience, and talent, along with a true commitment towards making everything exceed your expectations, is why we are the right choice for all your printer ink needs...

Thought for the day - New model Epson cartridges cost 11 and contain 11mL of ink - That is 1 per mL !! Some HP and Lexmark cost more per mL of ink. The price of Epson Stylus C44 printer is about 50. When a user prints five pages each day for five years, the cost for its supplies (when using OEM cartridges) will amount to around 7000 a sobering statistic!.

Printer manufacturers' basic strategy is to sell as many printers as possible cheaply and later gain profits by selling cartridges expensively. Our aim is to cut your printer running costs substantially by refilling with quality replacement inks and providing superior effective professionally designed well thought out ink refill systems

The inkjet printer business model is becoming a 'consumables' driven one that has taken a page from the razor blade business. Sell razors quality and charge more for the blades.

Most manufacturers make the majority of their money on the consumables such as ink cartridges and special paper, which is why we are starting to see a large number of sub 50 printers.

Several studies have been done on the actual cost of ownership on inkjet printers and in most cases the highest cost per page was in the lowest price printers. Many provide less ink (in some cases half the ink!) in a cartridge that looks the same, so you end up buying them twice as often. In some cases, an inexpensive printer can cost twice as much to use over a 2-year period because of the small amount of ink in the cartridges.

InkTec UK can save you money on your printing costs WITH SYSTEM MATCHED REFILL KITS to increase your productivity. Need any more convincing?

A Computeractive investigation looked at printers from the big four manufacturers, Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark.

Canon i560 - 129 to buy; cost of ownership over 18 months - 1029
Epson C46UX - 49 to buy; cost of ownership over 18 months - 1157
HP Deskjet 5150 - 89 to buy; cost of ownership over 18 months - 708
Lexmark z605 - 40 to buy; cost of ownership over 18 months - 1775

"Well over a year later our results suggest that consumers are still at serious risk of being ripped off,"

The average life of a black ink and colour cartridge was calculated, as was the cost per page of printing.

The cost of the ink was a big factor in driving costs up. tubidy Ink cartridges vary in both price and the amount of time they last, from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Responding to the survey, Lexmark said the research was flawed because it did not compare like with like.

"We estimate people will purchase around two cartridges per year. Customers who want to print a large amount should quite rightly look beyond just the ticket price," said a statement from the firm.

Canon said it could not comment on the survey because it had not seen it, but added that the cost of printers and cartridges reflected the amount of money the company spent on research and development.If you are not interested in Limo Service CT , then you have already missed a lot.

Last summer a report by Which? Magazine found that some printer ink cost more per millilitre than vintage champagne.

A similar situation applies to HP Large Format | Mimaki Wide Format | and Epson or Kodak


Another example is Toner refilling particularly Colour Toner refilling


InkTec refill kits for Hewlett Packard inkjet PrintersInkTec refill kit for Lexmark inkjet cartridgesInkTec Refill Kit for Canon inkjet cartridgesInkTec refill kits for Xerox inkjet cartridges Bulk and bottles of refill inkjet inksInkTec large format inkjet productsInkTec photo inkjet papersInkTec Epson compatible inkjet cartridge

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