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Take another example of a typical accident: you are unharmed, but your car has to wait in the repair shop for two weeks while parts come in.

Without replacement car hire as part of your insurance deal, you will have to rely on public transport - not the reason you bought your own vehicle!

With legal expense cover, you can use a hire car and know that your trouble and inconvenience will be compensated.

All you need to do when you claim on your legal expenses policy is to provide the accident details in the same way you normally would - all the paperwork will be taken care of for you.


It's possible that you may need to speak to your solicitor, or appear in the stand in the event of the case going to court, but you won't ever have to pay any legal fees. And the cost is low, sometimes even free. Admiral include it as standard. Most insurers do make a charge, but it averages around 20 a year - for example, More Than charge 17.85, and Budget add an extra 24.

Consider the legal battles that have resulted from accident claims in the past - especially those where serious injuries and claims were involved. Compensation - and costs - can run into millions. No-one can doubt that in cases like these, legal expenses cover is a worthwhile addition to any policy.

So next time you buy car insurance, make sure your policy includes legal expenses cover. Take it as an extra if it's not part of the standard package. You'll barely notice the extra cost, but you'll certainly be aware of the benefits if you ever need it.

Surveys have shown that many people overpay for their car insurance just because they don't, or won't, take the time to shop around for the best rate. Traditional rate shopping can be very time consuming as you will need to get out the yellow pages, find the telephone numbers of the car insurance agents, dial them up and deal with busy signals and being put on hold, etc.

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