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With the staggering increase in the number of mesothelioma cases, it's a wonder that more was not done earlier. Asbestos in poor working conditions is something that has been around for decades, but only recently has it been put into the media spotlight. Is it because people started dying or because the media finally shed light on this preventable disease?

Because of the increase in mesothelioma cases in industrial nation workers, it became apparent that these workers, from the miners who removed it from the ground, to the builders and others who used the finished product and all those others in between such as the wives who washed their husbands work clothes all needed some form of protection.

If only those people who knew how dangerous asbestos in certain forms was, had passed their knowledge onto people working with asbestos products much of the tragedy we are watching today and will continue to see in the future would have been adverted. Although it had been known for many years that asbestos was dangerous, little was done to protect workers. I have first hand experience of this as I was an employee of James Hardie in Auckland New Zealand for three months in 1965 and I wasn't even issued with a face mask.

I may not have worn it as I was 19 years old, ten foot tall and bullet proof, but that doesn't mean that my employer wasn't negligent with their duty to protect their workers. So far neither myself or my mate who worked with me have been affected. Many trade unions stepped in to increase the rights of the workers as it was determined that employers knew about the harmful effects of asbestos and willingly put workers into situations where asbestos was present, without any form of protection. And it's not just the businesses that may be to blame for the lack of mesothelioma concern.

Patients can have large medical bills from various treatments, and just as in worker's compensation cases, when the employer is responsible for putting the employee in harms way, they should also have the responsibility for compensating the employee and making the remainder of their usually much shorter life expectancy as comfortable as possible.

There is some discussion about whether companies that willingly put workers into situations with asbestos without protection should not only be responsible for providing financial support to workers, but also to society in general. Not only is the life of the worker interrupted by this awful terminal cancer, but the effect on the work population as a whole is dramatic.

While more cases are being brought to light each year, the need for workers in those occupations also increases to make up for the loss of their mesothelioma cancer stricken work mates and the difficulties companies have recruiting others into such a high risk occupation.

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