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When we think about how to compare car insurance prices, we usually think about finding the cheapest car insurance prices, right? After all, no one wants to pay a high price for insurance at Car Insurance Company A when they can pay a lower price for insurance at Car Insurance Company B.

 With the very high gas prices today, we all need to save money! However, the car insurance companies that offer the cheapest car insurance prices are not always the car insurance companies you should choose.

For example, imagine this scenario: George wants to pay $100 or less a month for his car insurance, so he looks for a car insurance company advertising that low price. He eventually finds one and immediately purchases the policy. Later, he discovers that the car insurance company has only been around for five years, it does not have a very high financial rating, and the customer service is lacking.

Despite these negatives, Georges sticks with the car insurance company for a little while longer because he is happy only paying $100 a month for car insurance. Soon, George s car insurance company goes bankrupt and leaves him without any coverage.

You see, when you compare car insurance prices, cheapness should not be your first priority. If George had decided on a price range he was able and willing to pay, rather than just searching for car insurance companies that would offer car insurance for $100 a month, his search would likely have resulted in many more car insurance companies, some of which would have been more financially established and secure with higher financial ratings.

So, when you begin your search to compare car insurance prices, make sure you not only search for car insurance companies that offer cheap prices, but search for companies that have been around for a while, are financially secure and having high financial ratings to prove it, and have helpful customer service.

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