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Let me begin by explaining what a virtual copywriter is.

A virtual copywriter creates marketing materials for your company from a remote location. Virtual copywriters transfer files electronically, and communicate by phone and email. When you need instant copy, all you have to do is ask a virtual copywriter and you shall receive.

Many companies are still afraid to take that leap into the 21st century and outsource a virtual copywriter to handle those tedious and time-consuming writing jobs. What they're afraid of, I'm not exactly sure.


Is it that the writer won't be there to attend department meetings? Nothing a quick update by phone can't solve. (Aren't most meetings 20% pertinent information exchange and 80% "extra" anyway?)

Is it the absence of "in-office creative chemistry" that worries them? If chemistry was so important to good writing, your existing staffers would be putting pen to paper or shall I say fingers to keyboard at this very moment. But instead... you're reading this article and seriously considering how a copywriter can take your marketing to the next level. Yes, you'd be surprised at how many virtual copywriters can crank out word magic with minimal in-staff interaction.

A virtual copywriter is your marketing genie; she appears when you need her, and vanishes when you don't. With a virtual copywriter, the amount of hours or projects you book is entirely in your control. If for some reason your copywriter displeases you or vice versa, you can sever ties at any time, and everyone will recover fairly quickly. You can't beat this relationship of convenience, designed to give you ALL of what you need, and NONE of what you don't need.

Here are 6 things you DON'T need, WON'T get (and DON'T PAY FOR) when you hire a virtual copywriter.

Traffic time.

How many hours do your full-timers spend stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the McDonald's Drive-Thru? What about that freelancer who only worked 6 out of the 8 hours you booked this week because she got lost on her lunch hour... twice? Drive time is deprive time... from your business!

Imagine if instead of sitting in traffic, your virtual copywriting is sitting at her computer, churning out fresh marketing ideas for your company. So, what's it going to be: driving on the highway, or driving your business? The choice is yours.

Chit-chat time.

The new writer's coming in this week, great! Only trouble is, your happy worker bees are a bit too fond of friendly conversation. How many chit-chat hours do you think you've shelled out cash for over the life of your business?

When you hire a virtual copywriter, you pay for ONLY the hours spent on your actual work, and NONE that were spent bantering in the bathroom, chatting in the cafeteria, and kvetching by the water cooler. 100% on-call copywriting... now you're talking.

Sick time.

Sick time is nothing to sneeze at. Full-time employees either take sick days off or show up to work exhausted, coughing their brains out and unable to function. And how about those "mental health" days? Face it, NONE of this is healthy for your business.

When your virtual copywriter falls ill, HIS business suffers, not yours. Why? Because if he's too weak to work, then you hire someone else to do it instead. Sounds like the prescription for success to me!

Office romance.

Who would have guessed the great bonus that would come with the new freelancer guy? A budding new romance with the young lady who answers the phones. It's a small company, there's no written policy against it. Personal emails and smoldering looks are flying... what can you do?

Your virtual copywriter might be hotter than Brad Pitt, Matthew McConnaghey and George Clooney combined. Thankfully, it's not an issue because nobody knows what he looks like! So: dating service, or copywriting service? You decide.

Benefits Package Headaches.

Joe wants to discuss adding his wife to his policy; Marita isn't satisfied with the listed physicians. Your health insurance company has changed their coverage details for the third time in a single year. Ah, but it's the nature of the beast, right?

One virtual copywriter means one less benefits package you have to worry about. What other reason do you need to pick up the phone and call for instant copywriting coverage right now?


Phone service (including long distance), energy bills, computer equipment, furniture, computer repairs and upgrades... wow, fitting even just ONE extra body into the office scheme is more costly than you ever imagined, huh?

Great news... a virtual copywriter incurs NO overhead costs because she's responsible for her own space, equipment, utilities, long-distance, and everything else that it takes to run a business successfully.

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