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Today, his simian greatness will share with you a list of keywords attracting bids of over $25 a click on Google. Yes, that's right. A single click on an ad for these sort of keywords will bring you TWENTY FIVE GREEN.

But first - a niche of the day for those humans too lazy to think of their own!

ironwork welding

strangely enough, there are plenty of peeps out there so keen on welding bits of old iron together that they constitute over 19,000 searches a month, and a nichefactor of over 134%.

Buy a domain for it fast (how about ''?!) And knock the site up in 30 seconds for free at

Now back to that strudel-straightening list of super keywords paying $25 a pop.

$97 domains yahoo
$79 domain name yahoo
$68 dc hair laser removal washington
$66 law lemon wisconsin
$51 hair removal washington dc
$41 domain registration yahoo
$40 benchmark lending
$38 domain yahoo
$37 yahoo web hosting
$37 hair laser removal virginia
$36 peritoneal mesothelioma
$36 ca lemon law
$34 best buy gift card
$31 adverse credit remortgage
$30 mesothelioma information
$29 law lemon ohio
$29 att call conference
$29 insurance medical temporary
$28 illinois law lemon
$28 mesothelioma symptoms
$28 angeles drug los rehab
$28 personal injury solicitor
$28 att go
$28 accident car florida lawyer
$27 google affiliate
$27 at t wireless
$26 100 home equity loan
$26 mcsa boot camp
$26 anti spam appliance
$26 adverse remortgage
$26 chicago hair laser removal
$25 att conference

Yowser! The nicheMonkey has NO idea what a 'lemon law' is, but of some sucker wants to give him $29 for a click from one of my Epson cartridge sites, he won't argue. How do you use this list? Simple. The amount on the left is the amount the advertiser is prepared to pay for a click on that keyword. You need to find a derivative keyphrase that you can build a niche website for and that will therefore attract these crazy advertisers.

How do you do that? Once again, simple. Go to Lexmark Refills and enter the phrase. It won't be usable. But you can 'drill down' to better variations of it. Find one you like, and away you go.

The nicheMonkey has spoken.

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