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So, How much do you care about the environment? I mean really care? You've heard the news about global warning and the rise in Asthma cases linked to the amount of pollution in and around London.

Perhaps it's time to think about how much pollution is created every time you turn on the ignition of your pride and joy or how much fossil fuel you currently burn.

So, a) You've now decided to change your gas (or Diesel) thirsty motor vehicle into a brand new futuristic Electric Bike which offers the same reliability, and comfort as a normal moped but without the headache of Taxing, Insurance and that awful amplified bumble bee sound it makes!..

b) You've had enough of hot, sweaty tube trains where you fight to maintain 1 inch of personal space, and bus drivers who would be more suited to race round a course in Monaco!

Then look no further, The Zipee is no ordinary bike, it can carry your weight plus one extra passenger! You don't even have to break a sweat! Just Twist & Go Don't get to work with a sweat...take it easy with a Zipee

We are offering you the chance to purchase a brand new Zipee Bike which comes with the following benefits: Road Tax - FREE Insurance - FREE MOT - FREE Annual service - FREE petrol/diesel - FREE Send requests for more information to  Why not save real money NOW! treat yourself to a holiday in the Caribbean.. Zipee Bikes

'Putting the fun back into riding'

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