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An area which should not be compromised on is Vehicle Insurance - It can turn out to be a false economy. Owning and operating a motor vehicle is an expensive process. Besides coming up with the money to actually buy the car or truck, owners need to pay for maintenance, auto insurance and most of all, gasoline. With the price of gasoline reaching ever-higher levels, more and more motorists are trying to find ways to save money with every time the price rises. Many factors affect the insurance premium that you may be quoted and these can vary considerably from one company to another Speeding offences and disqualifications for speeding are becoming more and more common in today's motoring community. Many people believe that this can be directly related to the increase in speed cameras throughout the UK. The government initiative to reduce speeding in the UK has been spearheaded by the addition of hundreds of new cameras around the UK producing millions in revenue each year. As a driver caught speeding you can expect to receive a fixed fine and have penalty points added to your licence. The cost of the fine and the amount of points depends on the seriousness of the speeding offence. Penalty points stay on a drivers licence for up to four years and accumulating 12 or more points at any one time will generally result in a driving disqualification. The unfortunate reality behind penalty points is that they can help to raise your yearly car insurance premium. The reason behind this is that as a driver with speeding endorsements on your licence you are classed as a higher risk motorist to those with a clean licence. The fact is that as a speeding driver you are more likely to be involved in an accident that can lead to car insurance claims costing your car insurance company money. The amount that your premium can rise is directly related to the number of penalty points on your licence. The more points you accumulate the higher your premium is likely to become. Finding competitive car insurance after a disqualification or with penalty points on your licence can be difficult.  
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