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Car Loans For People With Bad Credit

Instead of letting bad credit hold you back from getting a new car, take the necessary steps to improve your approval odds. Although good credit may get you better rates on a car loan, this is not a requirement. There are car loans for people with less than perfect credit. To locate a lender, explore all financing options and attempt to boost your credit score by a few points.

Easy Car Loans - Car Loans For People With Bad Credit

Who Qualifies for Low Auto Loan Rates?

If your credit score is low, the likelihood of getting a super low rate is slim. Yet, there are ways to acquire a reasonable rate. Some people with bad credit are paying interest rates up to 20% on an auto loan. However, it is possible to lower this rate to 9% or 10%.

Car buyers with good credit can easily qualify for a low rate. On average, lenders require a credit score of at least 680 for prime rates. Nonetheless, even if your score falls below 680, it is possible to obtain a good rate. Individuals with a high credit score have their pick of lenders. Unfortunately, if your credit score is low, only a select number of lenders are willing to work with you.

Finding an Easy Car Loan Online

High risk or sub prime lenders offer the easiest approvals for individuals with poor credit. The ultimate goal is to get you approved for an auto loan. With this said, these lenders will diligently work to find the best auto loan financing package.

Before completing and submitting an auto loan application, it helps to obtain loan quotes from up to four lenders. Although the majority of lenders are honest and offer the best package, there are a number of lenders who prey on those with low credit scores. They are aware of your limited options. Instead of helping, they attempt to get more money from you. Comparison shopping is the only way to recognize this scheme and avoid dishonest lenders.

Benefits of Improving Credit

Even though good credit is not necessary when applying for a car loan, if your credit rating is terrible, it may help to boost your score by a few points. Increasing a negative credit rating takes time. However, simple things can add a few points to your score every month.

For example, never submit a late payment or skip a payment. If possible, reduce your total debts. Regarding credit cards, avoid exceeding your credit limit. Also, limit the number of credit account you open.

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