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A Guide to Loans for People on Benefits

Being on benefits is an unfortunate situation and to be on requirement of loans when already on benefits sounds worse. But there are situations when one does land into such a scenario it could be a health emergency or any other requirement that has aroused this need. Such situations warrant a careful attitude but it does not mean that there is no availability for money or that the requirement can not be fulfilled.

A Guide to Loans for People on Benefits

People can be on benefits due to several reasons it can be due to less than 16 hours of employment per week or due to bereavement, disability or support due to some other crisis. The benefits provided are normally enough to live by, but there could be a sudden requirement which is not fulfilled by this and there is a shortfall which needs to be bridged with a loan.

Even in case the budgeting or crisis loans are not obtained from the community centers or are insufficient, lending for people on benefits is not a problem. Loans are available for these people in either a secured or an unsecured manner. Secured loans are easier to obtain and have a lower interest rate as usual. Tenant loans have a slightly higher interest rate but if they can bail you out of an unfortunate situation, it is a great help.

The other thing that one needs to be aware of is the financial status and an advanced planning of the repayments. These loans do not provide money for free, they need to be repaid. And when already on benefits, you should carefully consider that the repayment money would come out only of the amount from the loan and the benefits you are receiving. Defaulting on these loans would spoil your credit history and you would not be able to get loans in the future.

Lending options are now available for such people. If such a person is a homeowner or can arrange for some collateral by a person ready to be a party to the loan, things are much easier. But normally that is not the case and the loan has to be procured in an unsecured manner. Since the risk for the lender is quite high in such cases, the interest rates are normally higher.

People on benefits can receive a budgeting loan, a crisis loan, a tenant loan or choose among other such options. A budgeting loan is supposed to meet the surge in day to day requirements of people. A crisis loan is granted to help come out of an immediate short term emergency. These loans are normally provided by community centers and are either interest free or low on interest. The problem with these loans are that these are the amount in case is very low, normally of the order of 1,000 or less. If such an amount is enough to meet the requirement, it is fine; but normally this may not be the case.

The word of caution is two fold the first is to be able to find a good lending agency and the second is to plan the amount and finances really well in case of being on benefits already. A good lending agency is important since there are cases of lending agencies exploiting people on benefits with the fine print in the loan documents and the borrower ending up paying a far larger amount eventually than expected or than he set out to loan. These loan sharks should be avoided and rates and all documents should be well perused before going forward to signing the deal. There are options available on the net which one should carefully consider and weigh and not go along with the first one that comes up.