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Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

Bad Credit Florida Mortgage Refinance

Maintaining a good credit history is a very important, perhaps as important as keeping yourself healthy and fit. However hard you try to stay healthy, though, you still fall ill sometimes. The same thing happens with credit history. You try hard to maintain good records, but sometimes situations force you to miss a credit card payment or default a loan payment. Before you know it, you already have bad credit, and your capacity to qualify for major loans, such as mortgage refinancing, becomes severely limited.

Don't worry, though, because it is not the end of the world. You still have options, despite your bad credit. Read on to find out what your alternatives are, and what things you should prepare for when taking them.

What is bad credit history? How does it affect my ability to apply for refinancing?

If you failed to pay the due payment of a certain debt within 30 days and such a thing has happened twice in the last 12 months (or if the nonpayment happens for 60 days in last 24 months), then you are considered to have bad credit history.

Mortgage refinancing lenders will typically investigate your credit card history and if it has some undesirable red marks (such as delayed payments, etc.), they become skeptical about your debt repaying abilities. But does this mean that you have absolutely no chance of qualifying for a mortgage refinance loan? The answer is no. Many other companies in Florida are willing to help you with refinancing.

Alternatives for Florida residents with bad credit

Even if you have bad credit history, you can still refinance. In Florida, mortgage rates are decreasing, and the real estate market is booming with lower interest rates. Thanks to the trends, mortgage companies are more open to offering a variety of loan packages to Florida residents - even to those who have credit history problems. These lenders now have more tolerance of high-risk borrowers. You may even find them competing for your business.

The only downside to a bad credit mortgage refinancing in Florida is the interest rate. As in any state, you have to pay the loan back at slightly higher interest rates due to your bad credit history. If you intend to use the money generated from refinancing to consolidate your loans and get your financial situation back in track, then go right ahead. Mortgage refinancing, even at higher interest rates, may be the best thing you ever do for your wallet.

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