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6 Reasons to Consolidate Debt

6 Reasons to Consolidate Debt

It is easy to fall into a debt trap. If you want to survive and reach even keel where your financial well being is concerned, you must consolidate your debt. The crux of the matter is that all your debts, loans, credit card bills, and mortgages are all clubbed together into one single loan. For this single liability, you can work out repayment terms with a debt consolidating institution. The aim of debt consolidation is to reduce interest payments and to ensure that the principle borrowings are paid back faster.

There are many great reasons to consolidate your debt:

1. By consolidating what you owe you will be able to tide over any personal crises like health or job loss. The reduced monthly payments will give you a breather. However, you must make all efforts to payback the loan as soon as possible as otherwise the interest outlay will be enormous. Think about it, a loan of USD 20,000 on a credit card will mean interest payment of USD 9,000 or so over five years. The same loan consolidated over a 30 year period means an interest payment of over USD 24,000.

2. Consolidation of a loan means you can work towards saving and making lump sum payments on the principle amount and reduce the interest burden. This will also help you improve your credit report as you can now close many accounts.

3. You will be able to manage your finances better and never have to face making late payments or taking frequent payday loans. What debt consolidation does is extract you from the road to bankruptcy and spiraling debt.

4. A debt consolidation expert will help you negotiate with a lender to arrive at a repayment plan that takes into consideration your income as well as monthly outgoings. The plan will ensure that you become debt free and happy.

5. You become free of paying penalties and escalating interest. The savings are considerable if you can stop paying interest on interest.

6. By consolidating your debts you pay one fixed rate of interest and not rates that range from 18% to 8%. And, since the debt consolidation will be on your home equity what you are in fact doing is just borrowing once again from your home loan.

The World Wide Web offers great conveniences. You can read all about debt consolidation online and what is more you can even apply for advice online with many reputed debt consolidation companies like: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com or http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/calcs/n_debt/main.asp .

Many web sites provide instant calculators that will tell you how much you will gain by consolidating your debt.

Choose an accredited debt consolidation agency, one that is reputed and has high standards. An accreditation from an agency like Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children Inc, (COA), means the agency will have quality services, counselors who are certified, fiscal integrity, and a volunteer board governance.

A professional counselor will be an expert on finance and be able to liaise between you and a financial institution effectively. He will be able to offer expert advice on what suits you best personally and will work out a debt consolidation plan that will help you manage your finances well.

Consider carefully the pros and cons of debt consolidation and take the first step away from financial suicide.

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