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7 Power Steps for Debt Consolidation

7 Power Steps for Debt Consolidation

1. Before you borrow money, search several sources. Ask each one to answer your questions in detail.

2. Look for unsecured loan if you plan not to borrow money against your home.

3. The longer the payment time, the more the interest charges you will end up paying. Calculate different time frames.

4. There are some lenders who might offer loan and after that deferred payment for the first three months. Always keep in mind that you will still be paying interest on the amount of money you will borrow.

5. Some lenders may charge an early redemption fee if you pay back a loan early. Try to find out before you borrow if there are any penalties if it is repaid early.

6. There are lenders who might be knocking on your door (figuratively speaking) offering small loans. You could easily be paying back huge sums of interest to loan sharks. Be hundred percent sure before signing for a loan. I know it might be boring but, always go through the small print.

Make sure it is the only one you take out if you are going to consolidate all your loans and debts into one bigger loan. In this way you can manage a single loan and won't have to worry about further debts.

7. To avoid any further temptation if you are in huge debts, you may want to cancel all or most of your credit cards.

If you cancel them make sure that your credit reports indicates, account closed by consumers request . Discuss this issue with your credit company, before you cancel them.