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Credit Counselling Vs Loans

Credit Counselling Vs Loans

Typically, credit counselling programs are debt repayment programs operated by non-profit organizations. They can consolidate most types of unsecured debts from major credit cards to personal and student loans. You choose the accounts you want to enter into the program when joining.

Once enrolled, the company will contact your creditors to negotiate more favourable repayment terms on your accounts including a reduction in your interest rates and the elimination of late fees. You will then send that company one lump sum payment monthly which they will disperse to the creditors you enrolled on your account when joining.

Most so called debt consolidation loans are just home equity loans in disguise. They use the equity built up in your current home loan and use it to repay all of your unsecured debts. These types of loan options usually come with heavy application fees and can greatly extend the amount of time it will take you to pay off those debts.

These loans also convert all of your current unsecured debts into on secured debt which is now backed by your home. If you fall behind on your payments you could risk losing your property.

Kimberly Credit offers it's visitors a no obligation, no fee application to receive more detailed information about it's credit counselling program. Once you complete our free quote a counsellor will contact you to discuss how we can help get you out of debt.

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