Generating Mortgage Leads Is A Very Important Part Of The Mortgage Business

Mortgage Leads Important for The Mortgage Business

The mortgage industry battle for loan deals on a daily basis. You see advertisements everywhere in the mass media sector. So, is there a way to compete with the big dogs of the industry? Yes, your local market is where you have to focus hard if you are a mortgage loan officer and are having trouble generating loan deals from leads that you buy online. There are many different ways of generating mortgage leads in your local market. Below I have listed a small number of methods that have worked for scores of loan officers who have taken the plunge in to gorilla marketing and viral marketing techniques.

Generating Mortgage Leads Is A Very Important Part Of The Mortgage Business

Generating mortgage leads is a very significant part of the mortgage business. Buying mortgage leads is a daily practice for many loan officers and mortgage companies; often the leads that they buy are oversold Internet leads that lead aggregators online sell over and over causing mortgage applicants to get a colossal amount of phone calls, and unwelcome email.

Create a referral network with realtors: Communicate or at least introduce your self to as many realtors as you can. This will create a viral marketing system that will generate you leads for years to come.

-Use online press release service to your advantage. Submit a well written interesting press release about the local mortgage industry include some worthy news. You local papers and news may pick up on it. This can be a goldmine!

-Plaster your local area with flyers, business cards, pens, and anything containing your company name. Pens work real well since that have a use and are saved for 6-24 months on average.

-Work with local events and charities. Be a part of the community. Sponsor charity golf tournaments. Many real estate agents play golf and wealthy homeowners.

-Network to build net worth! Be known! Don t expect everyone to know you, make them know you. Go to local after hour spots and network.

-Join as many organizations as possible. The local chamber of commerce, BBB, Social Clubs, anywhere that will get your name more credibility and visibility.

-T-shirts for children. Make company t-shirts. Instead of giving them to adults give them to children, they will wear them and be seen. I saw one shirt on a child that said Future Mortgage Broker Company Name, Phone . Awesome!

These are just a few ways to enhance your local market share without spending big bucks. Compared to the price of internet leads ($15.00-$75.00 per lead) based off the prices we found posted at, local marketing is a immense money saver and maker if you have the time and put the effort in!