The Never Ending Sale

The Never Ending Sale

Once you have added a new customer to your book of business, plan on keeping that customer until you have all of their business, and the business of their family and friends.

This way you can ensure having their business forever.

When working as a branch manager a few years back, I was never satisfied with a customer portfolio until I had the complete wallet share of their business.

The Never Ending Sale

By wallet share I mean I not only wanted their checking accounts, I wanted their savings accounts, certificates of deposit, home equity loans and so on.

The same should go for you. Once you have a customer in the door, and have sold them that first product, continue to satisfy their needs with excellent customer service, and make them aware of certain products that have become new to your company, or any promotions that you may have going on. Continue to make them aware of all things that can make their lives more convenient or save them money.

Getting a customer to do all of their business with you, I admit, is a challenge. But like all relationships, the same holds true in business, relationships are built on trust.

Once a customer grows to know you and trust you, they will then begin to become more prone to moving the rest of their business over to you, and hopefully shoot some referrals your way.

For starters, get your customer in the door, just get one little piece of the pie. Think of it as asking them to lunch as opposed to asking them to dinner. Try and convince them to try out one of your smaller or less expensive products, or if you offer free trials, even better. Than go from there.

Getting back to wallet share . . .

While still in banking, I once had a customer tell me, that he did all of his business with us, and for that reason alone, he should be approved for the loan he was applying for.

Although I was confident that he would be approved for the loan, I decided to call his bluff any way.

I said; Mr. Jones, do you really do all of your business with us. His reply was yes.

I then asked him if I could see his wallet.

He pulled it from his back pocket and handed it to me.

After I opened his wallet and examined it for a few seconds, I pulled an American Express card from one of the sleeves and laid it on the table.

I said, Mr. Jones, you are a customer of American Express.

He replied that he was.

I than proceeded to tell him that he did not in fact do all of his business with us. I also seized this opportunity to sell him on one of our credit card promotions.

He chuckled at my wit, but did not take the credit card.

My point is, you want to get complete wallet share, you must dig deep, you might only have half of your customer s business, when you think you have it all.

So ask questions, get to know your customers as well as you can. Find out what their needs are, than sell them the products you believe they can use, make their lives a little easier, or save them some money.

So remember, the sale never ends, it goes on and on. Your customers will always be in need of new things. So sell them, their friends, and their family what you have. At the very least, make them aware of the products you have, you never know when they may need it. Good luck!