Ways To Reduce Your Mortgage By 10 Years Or More

Ways To Reduce Your Mortgage By 10 Years Or More

With the easy availability of the loan facility, many people find it easy to purchase a house for them and certainly this increase in home ownership over the past 20 years implies that people are in debt because of mortgage borrowing. Perpetually, a mortgage is immense and life long obligation which can percolate to ones retirement and rater also into couple of generations in some countries. There are ways and means suggested by experts by which you can reduce your monthly installments in respect of your mortgage.

Ways To Reduce Your Mortgage By 10 Years Or More

Strategies to reduce mortgage

Switch your mortgage between lenders

It is always advisable to toggle your mortgage between different lenders and each time taking benefit of the best deal. For example, Bank of America is offering a discounted deal at the introductory rate of 2.99% fixed for 3 years. The normal arrangement with discounted deals is that the interest rate reverts back to the standard variable rate at the end of that initial 3 year discounted period.

In this way if let s assume that the saving you make via this special deal translates into say $3,000 per year. You have the option of reducing you total mortgage by $3,000 by making a lump sum payment $3,000 to your lender at the end of the year and reduce your total borrowing. Over three years, you can reduce your borrowing by $9,000.

At the termination of that three year unique agreement, look for some other lender with a comparable or better deal and just change your mortgage. There is misconception that this will cost more money to switch lenders but the fact is that lenders will cover all your switching costs. Taking advantage of another three year discounted deal will result in another $9,000 saving. You can switch and save money for the life of your mortgage and make yearly lump sum payments until your mortgage is paid in full.

Opt for a daily interest rate mortgage and not for an APR (Annual percentage rate) one

This actually deals like one account gives you the chance to pay interest on your mortgage on a daily basis. The marked improvement of one account is the total litheness. It is a life style advance because it gives you payments holidays if you so desire and smaller payments due to change in financial circumstances is also possible.

This gives you the flexibility to pay your mortgage and allows you to make higher payments towards your mortgage debt. An extra payment of $10, $20 or $40 per month, it is predictable, can decrease your total mortgage by as much as 10 years.

For flexible mortgage there is no need of switching between lenders every three years and that can save you from the trouble of switching between lenders.

By opting one of the ways listed above would certainly help you in reducing your mortgage payments and definitely lower monthly outgoings can mean an increase in your disposable income. Bigger disposable income helps to improve the quality of your life.