Mortgage Loan Calculators

Mortgage Loan Calculators


Mortgage Loan Calculator

Does debt prevent you from buying a home right now? If you are trying to get out from under your debt, CNN Money has a great debt elimination calculator . It allows you to enter up to eight different sources of debt and then see what kind of difference additional payments would make. It can also show how much you should pay each month to reach a debt-free deadline.

Probably the most interesting part of the calculator is that you can see what just paying your minimum payments will do for you. It is frightening how long it takes to pay off loans when just making the minimum payments, not to mention the interest paid over the life of the loan. If you have done your calculation but aren't sure where to go from here, try this bank software website for more information on sites and software that can help you to eliminate your debt.

There are a lot of different financial software products on the market. Some can do everything including budgeting, keeping check registries, and planning such as the Quickbooks or Microsoft Money products. Do you own a business and need software to help you manage your finances? A great resource for small business owners is the software page of the investing-partners website. It has links and explanations of numerous software products to track business expenses, payroll, etc.

The last item on our list is higher education. Domini Social Investments College Calculator allows you to choose what to calculate, whether it be the monthly amount you need to save, initial savings needed, or number of years to save to obtain your goal. It also takes into account inflation so you can indicate the current amount you would need for your child's schooling and it calculates what you would need to have that amount in future dollars.

Another college savings calculator is from Fidelity Investments. This calculator https://powertools is quite a bit more detailed and conservative than the above calculator. It estimates market returns based on the past and allows you to choose your likelihood of meeting your goal. It can also lookup costs of all universities in the United States, eliminating the need for your own research. The tools mentioned here are just the beginning when it comes to online investing tools.

The internet has vast amounts of calculators, wizards and software to help you prepare for any financial future you choose. Whatever your financial goals, there are resources to assist you in setting those goals and having more confidence in being able to reach them.