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Internet Mortgage Lead Generation

There are literally hundreds of websites that sell mortgage leads online. You purchase these leads and track your conversions, funded loans and profits including the referrals that are a result from the leads

Similar to other types of marketing campaigns, like direct mail, radio, television, etc., you won't score with everyone on the list, but if you work the lead list continuously, you'll find people who will do business with you.

Eventually, you filter out your most promising mortgage customers and continue to make regular contact with them.

Most online mortgage lead companies interact with other websites in order to instantly send loan requests from databases that match criteria to request. You generate the list you need by selecting a state, the type of home loan leads you want and the property you are looking for. Service fees for these sites usually start at $500.

Internet Mortgage Lead Generation

Set aside a block of time to research companies.

It's worth the extra effort to find a good source for mortgage leads before you start giving out your credit card information. Set up a simple form to keep track of your results or go here to download a free XL spreadsheet.

Where do you find mortgage leads companies?

Finding them is easy They're all over the Internet. Separating the good from the bad takes some research and testing. You can visit mortgage broker forums to see who's getting a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

Because there are so many mortgage lead tools available online, there is really no other way to go. Mortgage lead companies usually generate leads for you using search engines, banner ads, cost per click paid search advertisement, affiliate marketing, natural search ranking and US based telemarketing.

However, you may not know who's making those comments could be the mortgage leads company, could be the competition or it could be loan officers with sales skills ranging from superb to horrific.

Probably the best way to find a good mortgage leads company is to ask other loan originators. However, don't be surprised if they want to keep their golden goose to themselves!

Of course the more criteria you enter, the higher the fee. However, these sites generate leads within hours and could save you thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns.

These sites provide you the tools that will help you become a financial success in the mortgage business.

You can sign up online and get started immediately. Most of the websites accept all major credit cards, online checks and PayPal through a third party merchant to guarantee that your credit card transactions are secure.

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