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Home Equity and Second Mortgage Loan Options for Cash or Debt Refinancing Home Equity and Second Mortgage Loan Options for Cash or Debt Refinancing

If you are a consumer who owns a home, then you might be tired of getting mortgage solicitations to refinance your mortgage. Most likely, you are a savvy homeowner who locked into a 30-year mortgage a few years at 5% with a fixed interest rate loan. You may be wondering why these mortgage lenders and brokers think you would be interested in refinancing your 5% loan with a 6.5% mortgage rate. Mortgage companies are blasting direct mail campaigns that are targeting many homeowners in Southern California. You may not need to refinance your 1st mortgage, but chances are, you will want to access cash in the coming months. A fixed rate second mortgage or variable home equity credit line can get you cash, and a tax deduction without requiring you to refinance you low interest mortgage.

Second mortgage are effective financing vehicles for funding home construction, purchasing a second home or refinancing variable rate credit card debt. Home equity lines of credit are convenient, for people with changing plans. HELOC's can improve cash flow because only the interest is due on the portion of the line that you actually accessed. This offers a financing arsenal for borrowers needing cash on a whim for investing, and purchasing rental properties. A homeowner armed with a home equity line of credit protects their family with a safety net of cash reserves in case a emergency or tragedy arises.

I recommend to all of my clients to establish a home equity credit line whether they think they need it or not. If they never use the credit line, then it never costs them a penny. There are no crystal balls in the world, so you have to plan for both opportunities, and financial hardships. Get a second mortgage or line of credit, while your credit scores are high. Why wait until you are late on a bill and your credit scores are low. Take the small window of opportunity, and get your finance vehicles tuned up, because when you wake up tomorrow the opportunity may have already passed.

Lynda Nelms is an accomplished writer, who has a a popular column published called "Ask Lynda." She offers consumers a mortgage refinancing tips with a fresh perspective. Lynda continues to originate mortgage loans for BD Nationwide Mortgage, who is located in San Diego, California. You can read more of her "Ask Lynda?" articles at BD Nationwide Mortgage Online: Get a free home loan quote or just learn more about Second Mortgage and Home Equity Loans. Check both prime and non-prime home equity loan rates online. For a complete look at no equity second mortgages, please go to 125 second mortgage loans online.

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