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The Million Dollar Mortgage Mistake The Million Dollar Mortgage Mistake By: Renae C. Judkins

Getting a mortgage loan or a mortgage loan refinanced without a financial plan is one of the worst decisions Americans make every day.

Unbeknownst to the average American, they are losing over $1,000,000 for their retirement!

Don t get me wrong. Mortgage loans are a necessity of life. However, mortgage loans in Nevada can be dangerous if a family doesn t get a financial advisor to help them.

Nevada mortgages can be dangerous because:

* Lenders in Nevada only need to fill out a form to get their mortgage license.
That s right! Anyone with a pulse can offer a mortgage loan to consumers simply because he or she turned in a form. Most of the mortgage lenders in Nevada became mortgage brokers simply because they heard of the growing housing market and are desperate to make high commissions off of those who don t know any better.

* Private mortgage companies can only offer one or two specific mortgage loans.
Private mortgage companies are not looking out for the consumer s interest. They will do anything to sell you on a mortgage loan, even if it isn t right for you, your lifestyle, or your budget. Because they have contracts with certain loan companies, they can only sell you one or two specific mortgages, and their commission depends on it.

* Desperate mortgage brokers will do anything to make a sale and I mean ANYTHING.
While many of us are optimistic that the person we are dealing with is being honest, oftentimes, mortgage brokers are not as honest as we would hope. Any of us who have signed mortgage papers before, know what a mountainous stack it can truly be. Do any of us really read the find print on each page? That would take over a month! So usually, a mortgage lender will summarize each page for you, so you don t have to read the fine print. How nice of them or is it? Sometimes, the mortgage market is so tough that mortgage brokers will tell a family one thing, but the fine print will say another. For example, the mortgage broker might not mention that a fee will incur of three years payment if a family refinances their home before 5 years after the first mortgage.

What is a Family to do?

The answer is simple. Get a financial planner. A financial planner is not only a PROFESSIONAL that can help you with your mortgage, but they can help you in other aspects of your finances as well.

Las Vegas financial planners can be life saving because:

* They are professionals in financial planning, INCLUDING MORTGAGES, so you don t have to worry about their qualifications.

* They aren t tied down by contracts with mortgage lending companies, so they can offer you hundreds of different options for mortgages verses the one or two from private mortgage companies. THIS CAN GUARANTEE YOU THE LOWEST INTEREST RATE IN NEVADA!

* Financial planners have an established career as financial planners, so you don t have to worry about dishonesty to make a sale.

* Financial planners can help to eliminate credit card debt and help with other debt management at the same time you are purchasing a mortgage, which can ultimately help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

* Some financial advisors will help you for free!

* Financial planners can show families how to house their savings in a FOREVER TAX FREE accumulating account with up to a 12% interest rate. THIS CAN ULTIMATELY HELP FAMILIES RETIRE WITH $1,000,000 OR MORE!

* Financial planners don t just plan, they teach. They will teach you everything you need to know about your mortgage loan and any other savings plans so you know what is happening with your money.

Renae C. Judkins is a financial advisor in Nevada. She helps families from all walks of life with Nevada mortgages and Nevada mortgage loans.