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There are hundreds of mortgage lending companies in Maryland. Most of them offer hundreds of different kinds of mortgage loans with competitive rates to attract the booming market. It is very important to locate a good credible company -- a company that gives you the best policy at the best price. Ideally, there are brokerage companies who act as agents between the borrowers and the lenders. The brokerage companies help customers compare and seek out the best offers from multiple companies that can otherwise be very difficult. Since these companies work with multiple lending companies, they can help any borrower-- even those with bad credit records.

The main aspects to consider when taking out a mortgage are: what is the rate of interest, what would be the monthly payments, what is the kind of loan (fixed vs. variable), is it ideal under the present market conditions, what are the fees and are there any hidden costs? Almost all companies have almost similar offers. But some companies may offer better rates based on your credit rating. There are companies that claim to provide customized mortgage loans for people with bad credit records, for first-time homebuyers, and for self-employed people. They also help with mortgage refinancing, second mortgages and debt consolidation.

The yellow pages, the Internet, newspapers, friends and family members are some of the sources for finding a Maryland mortgage company. These companies also have their own websites with detailed information. The kinds of loans, rates and APRs can all be looked up online. They also have easy mortgage calculators to help you determine the monthly payments and much more, including your tax savings. Check the financial status of the company and their ratings. Consumer guides, and online mortgage quote services companies are some of the other sources.

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