Home Repossession Can it be Avoided?

Home Repossession Can it be Avoided?

Repossession Can it be Avoided?

Living under the threat of repossession is very stressful, and it can be difficult to see a way out. Although you can stop repossession at any point, the sooner you can make suitable arrangements with your mortgage provider or the courts, the better.

Avoiding Home Repossession?

There are several ways that you can halt repossession, including making new payment arrangements with your mortgage provider, but many people choose to sell their home so that they can repay the mortgage in full and start again. This can be difficult, though, if you sell through the normal estate agent process.

Selling this way can take up to 12 months, and is highly dependent on the competence of your estate agent and the status of the buying chain associated with your property. If your buyer is in a long and complicated chain, your sale could fall through, leaving you with the mortgage company breathing down your neck and little prospect of a new sale for several weeks.

The alternative to this process is to contact a specialist buyer who can arrange to buy your property quickly, allowing you to pay off your mortgage in time to avoid repossession. Companies like this have particular expertise in helping people who are facing repossession and can also give you help and advice on how to handle the process.

What s more, they can give you a fair valuation for your property and arrange a cash payment within as little as seven days. This allows you to make the payments to your mortgage lender and prevent the repossession going any further.

Specialist companies are experts in helping people who need to sell their home quickly to raise money and avoid repossession. Their service is discreet and professional, and the process is designed to help you to achieve a quick sale and a fair price so that you can get on with your life.