Tips For Finding More Coupons

Tips For Finding More Coupons


If you're one of the many people who collect and use coupons to save money, here are a few ways to find even more money saving coupons. In this article, I'll list many sources you can check to find coupons.

Tips For Finding More Coupons

Your Local Newspaper
Subscribe to your local newspaper, and then check it each day for useful coupons. The Sunday or weekend edition paper will often have an especially wide selection of coupons.

Many magazines will feature coupons within their industry. You can even check your library to see which magazines have coupons that would be of use to you.

Join the mailing list of your favorite companies. Companies will often include coupons in their newsletters. You can signup for most newsletters on the companies website or at your local store. Some companies will automatically put you on their newsletter when you get a discount shoppers card. Of course, a discount shopping card is another great way to save money.

Just like paper newsletters, email newsletters often contain coupons or special deals. Just join the email news list of your favorite companies.

Online coupon sites
There are many sites on the internet that contain archives of online or printable coupons. Visit these sites to find some great money saving coupons.

Local coupon sites
There are also many local websites that contain coupons for businesses in your local area you can usually find these sites listed in your yellow pages, or call your chamber of commerce
Shopping papers
Many shopping newspaper type publications, such as Thrifty Nickels, will contain numerous coupons.

Grocery Store
Don't forget to get coupons from your grocery store. Many stores have coupons various places throughout the store. Other stores print coupons on the back of your receipt. Either way, your grocery store is a great source of coupons.