Some Facts About Repairing a Bad Credit History

Some Facts About Repairing a Bad Credit History


Many people do not know the facts about bad credit. They think that once a negative item is placed on there credit report it will remain there for years. They think that repairing a bad credit history is impossible. They think they cannot get a credit card with bad credit. They think they cannot qualify for a home mortgage with bad credit. The truth is that different lenders look at different things when deciding whether or not to approve a credit application.

Some Facts About Repairing a Bad Credit History

You can get a credit card with bad credit, but you will pay higher interest rates and fees. You can qualify for a home loan with bad credit, but you will pay hundreds of dollars more per month than someone with good credit. The reason is that lenders are allowed to charge different interest rates to different people.

They are not allowed to discriminate because of race or sex, but they are allowed to discriminate because of past credit history. This is why many people are interested in repairing bad credit. These people know that they many be able to get credit, but they will pay more.

Some companies actually target persons with bad credit. They know that sometimes a person who has negative credit history, and has not tried repairing a bad credit history, will work hard to make their payments on time. They know that these people are sometimes desperate for credit and therefore unconcerned about interest rates.

If you have ever declared bankruptcy, you may have received an offer for an unsecured credit card shortly after the bankruptcy was finalized. You may have found that the fees and interest rates were exorbitant and hard to pay off. Accepting offers like these may not help you in your efforts at repairing a bad credit history. If you charge up to your limit and/or are unable to make your payments on time, then accepting a credit card with bad credit will make it even worse.

Repairing a bad credit history includes many factors; correcting information on your credit report, removing negative items from your credit report, negotiating with creditors to remove negative items, having excessive inquiries removed and building good credit.

One way to build good credit is to obtain a secured credit card which reports payment history to the credit bureaus. You can get a secured credit card with bad credit. You should shop between the different banks that offer these cards since interest rates and fees vary. A secured credit card is secured by a deposit into a savings account.

Initially your credit limit is the same as the balance in the savings account. If you use the card occasionally, make monthly payments on time and do not charge up to the limit, then you will improve your credit score.