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Buying Basics on Dell Printer INK CARTRIDGE Refills& TONER

Resolution refers to the 'image-sharpness' of a document, and is usually measured in dots (or pixels) per inch (DPI).

It also refers to the image-sharpness that printers and monitors are capable of reproducing.

Depending on your particular needs, documents can be scanned at various resolutions.

The higher the resolution of a document, greater the image-sharpness, and larger the file size will be.

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Lexmark 100A Refill Kit

Lexmark colour refill

Probably the hardest cartridge to refill is the HP C6578. If you've mastered this one give yourself a hardy pat on the back. HP color cartridges like the C1823, the forbearer to the C6578, have been a challenge to refillers because of the unique design that I'm sure was carefully engineered to thwart refilling.

Conversely and ironically, HP couples this with a black cartridge that is a snap to refill, the 51645A and C6615. Go figure. But we still didn't get to the easiest one to refill. Keep reading.

When it comes to getting the printing done, there are a few things one should keep in mind to prevent wasting too much of quality photo paper, and the costly printing ink. In this article, we'll review a few basic terms related to digital photography and offer a few tips on getting the best prints.

With digital photography printing in mind, the first thing you need to ensure is that you download the pictures at their full resolution. If in the end, you have 72dpi (dots per inch) pictures, your print quality will be useless. A 72dpi resolution is good for viewing on your computer screen, but an image with 200 to 300dpi will give a good quality 8x10 inch print.

Pixel Pixel is short for 'Picture Element.' It is the smallest part of a digital image, and each image is comprised of thousands or millions of pixels. This basic unit, from which a video or computer picture is made, is essentially a dot with a given colour and brightness value. The more pixels an image has, the higher the resolution of that image will be. One Megapixel is equal to one million pixels.

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a standards committee that designed this image compression format. The compression format they designed is known as a 'lossy' compression, as it deletes information from an image that it considers unnecessary. JPEG files can range from small amounts of lossless compression to large amounts of lossy compression. This is a common standard on the World Wide Web, but the data loss generated in its compression makes it undesirable for printing purposes.

You can find additional technical resources for this article in the technology section at: your printer needs, take your time, research and know exactly what you need in a printer way before you decide to purchase. Then you can shop with confidence.

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