Inkjet and Toner Printer Cartridges Refill

Where to Buy a Good Inkjet Cartridge

If you own a printer then you are already familiar with the high costs of inkjet cartridges. These cartridges are, of course, essential for printing, but they don't have to break your bank. Yet, in the search for inkjet cartridges, you may be left wondering where you can buy inexpensive ones. Let's take a look at some of your shopping options.


First, you can purchase inkjet cartridges from your local department store. If your department store is having a sale, or if you have a coupon and your department store accepts coupons, you may want to purchase a few inkjet cartridges and stock up on them while the price is relatively low.

Alternatively, you can purchase inkjet cartridges at office supply stores. Nevertheless, be sure to compare the prices offered at office supply stores with that of prices in nearby department stores. Sometimes you will find that the cost of cartridges is cheaper at office supply stores and sometimes you will find the less expensive inkjet cartridges at department stores within the area. It always pays to shop around.

On the other hand, you may want to shop for inkjet cartridges on the Internet if you have access to the web. Shopping for cartridges on the Internet provides you with the opportunity to check prices at a number of places and thereby find the most inexpensive inkjet cartridges available. Plus, when shopping from the Internet for, you will have the unique benefit of shopping from home.

Conversely, inkjet cartridges purchased off the Internet can give a good deal only if the entire deal is good - in other words, if you get your cartridges really cheap but you have to pay ridiculous shipping and handling charges, then you are really not getting a good deal at all. Also, when ordering inkjet cartridges remember that you will not have them. In fact, it can take a few weeks to receive your order and if you require your cartridges immediately to produce a project or paper, you may want to visit your local department store or office supply store instead.

Finally, when purchasing inkjet cartridges, if you purchase generic brands it is important to read the packaging before completing your purchase. Don't purchase inkjet cartridges that look like they will work with your computer based on the picture on the front of the packaging. Rather, read the packaging to make sure that the generic cartridges you have selected will actually work with the printer you own. In doing so, you will successfully avoid the hassle associated with having to return the purchase to the dealer, whether they were bought from the store, or from an Internet distributor.