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Ink Refilling of cartridges

The process of refilling inkjet cartridges is simple; though, there are a few important steps to remember before beginning.

It is wise to perform the refilling process on a protected surface (covered in newspapers) to avoid damage to furniture through spillage of ink.
To avoid mixing colors during the procedure it is important to make sure that all syringes are cleaned, and that the proper color is used with the corresponding inkjet cartridge.

If there is a difference in the colors from those mentioned in the supplied instruction manual, please be sure to fill the chambers in each inkjet cartridge with the appropriate color.


HP Refill Kit for HP 300 - 301 and 350 cartridges

HP 364 Refill Kit

Items needed are:

(1) Syringes for ink refilling  - available here -

 (2) Matching Refill Inks - available here -

 (3) Rubber Bungs and or seals  - available here -

 There are number of instructions to be followed at the time of refilling an inkjet cartridge. So whenever your printer ink runs out of ink you need to follow the below steps for inkjet cartridge refill.

Cartridges with Print head Fitted e.g HP - Canon - Lexmark - Dell - Samsung - BT

1. It's very important that you handle the cartridge carefully. Avoid touching any metallic parts. tyle="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"> 2. Always clean needles and syringe to avoid any color mixing.

3. It would always be advisable to store the cartridge in an airtight bag with a moist paper towel when not in use.

4. Refill the cartridge only when the warning light glows.

5. If you are re-filling black cartridge, then enlarge the fill hole on top of the cap with the drill provided.

6. If you are re-filing color cartridge, then you have to remove the cap first. Either hold the cap in a safe manner or carefully remove the cap with the help of a knife.

7. Put together needle and syringe and fill in the color that you want your cartridge to refill with.

8. Insert the needle into the correct fill hole straight down till the foam. If you are filling with the color ink then make sure you are inserting in the correct ink slot.

9. When you start injecting the ink into the slot, make sure that you are doing it slowly and you may have to clean the print head with a tissue.

10. When the color cartridge is completely full, ink could be seen at the fill hole, slightly remove the syringe till the ink on the fill hole vanishes.

11. The capacity of the black cartridge is about 20ml, so make sure that you don't over-fill it.

12. So you have now successfully filled the cartridge.

13. After the process of refilling is complete, re-cap the cartridge. To ensure safety, stick a tape on the top of the lid.

14. Clean the print head with a tissue or a sponge till the time it stops dripping.

15. Its time to install the cartridge back into the printer and run a cleaning cycle.

16. You should always clean the syringe and the needle that you have used with water so that it can be used again


Ink Tanks - Cartridges without Print head Fitted e.g Epson - Canon - Brother

To begin the inkjet refilling process, please remove all empty cartridges from your printer. Firmly attach a piece of tape to the bottom of each cartridge making sure that the "ink exit holes" are properly covered. The "filling holes" are located on the upper side of the ink cartridge. They can be found underneath the label.

Use the tool provided in the kit to punch through and expose the recessed inkjet refill holes. Note: some cartridge sets have ball bearings instead. If this is the case, please push the bearing through the hole into the cartridge.


Fill the provided syringe with the appropriate color of ink. - Push it into the filling hole of the cartridge as far as it will go (making sure the tip has almost reached the bottom of the cartridge).


Slowly inject the ink into the cartridge while withdrawing the needle from the refilling hole.


It is time to stop when ink becomes visible at the top of the hole. Note: remove a small amount of ink from the cartridge so it is not flush with the top of the opening.


Do not reseal the filling holes.


Remove the tape from the ink exit holes, and return the newly filled cartridges to the printer making sure to run 1-3 cleaning cycles, and print head alignment tools.


If you have a cartridge with a smart chip, it is important to reset the printer chip to ensure they function properly. This can be done with an Epson chip resetter...


It is important to remember:


When ink cartridges are empty they must be stored in an airtight bag with a damp cloth to prevent the ink distribution sponges from drying out.


Cartridges cannot be refilled forever. For best results it is recommended to change your printer cartridges after every 5 refills. - Be sure to avoid touching metal contacts on each cartridge when handling them. Static charges and can damage cartridges rendering them useless.


A Question we were asked recently - can i clean out printer cartridge with water and refill with metallic ink? - Not recommended as the particulate size of the metallic particles will be bigger than the nozzle size of the cartridge printhead and so would probably cause blockages

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