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Tips on Getting the Most Out of Digital Photography

Digital cameras now outsell traditional film cameras, but many consumers are unsure how to make the most of this relatively new technology.

From previewing and deleting unwanted snapshots to printing at self-service kiosks, digital pictures give us options we never imagined just a few short years ago.


FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Centers, which offer a wide range of digital photo-related services nationwide, share these tips on getting the most out of digital photography:

* Shoot: To get the best digital photos, plan to pack your manual with you on that next big trip. Today's digital cameras offer a wide range of features that can help even beginners capture great images with a little help from the instructions.
One key to great digital photos is for both photographer and subject to stay still a little longer when snapping a posed picture. Digital camera shutter speeds can be a little slower than those of traditional cameras, so holding position just a bit longer goes a long way toward sharp photos.

* Store: Digital cameras store photos on digital media. This electronic film can hold dozens of pictures and can be reused over and over. However, avid shutterbugs may quickly find themselves with a full memory card or an overflowing hard drive. Using the Sony PictureStation at FedEx Kinko's to burn a CD provides an inexpensive way to safely store precious photos.

* Share: Photo CDs are also great for sharing an entire photo album with family and friends. Other popular ways to share include e-mail, online albums, home printing and retail photo kiosks.

For scrapbooks, picture frames or other keepsakes, nothing beats real photo-lab quality prints. The Sony PictureStation offers a wide range of photo sizes and nearly instant prints. It also has easy-to-use editing tools for cropping, zooming and eliminating red eye.

In addition to photo prints, FedEx Kinko's offers photo-related gifts and can even turn digital photos into canvas or watercolor enlargements suitable for framing.

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