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Konica Minolta Refill Toner

Konica Minolta Refill Toner, the name usually brings to mind their camera or their photographic materials. However, it is also one of the top players in the printing and ink manufacturing business. The lines below will take you through a brief history of the company and touch upon their all-new environment friendly polymerized toner.

Konica's Humble Beginnings Like all other big names in the printing business Konica Minolta Refill Toner too has roots way back in the past and forayed into the printing business due to the potential of printers and inks in the market.  


Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic materials at his Tokyo apothecary in 1873 and laid the foundations for Konica. Minolta was founded in 1928 to initially manufacture cameras and then went on to pioneer technologies such as a latent image transfer system, the world's first magnification and reduction photocopier and the world's first photocopier to produce two-color images in a single pass.

Konica Minolta  Toner gave its share of firsts to the world in the imaging and printing field. Among these was the world's first double lens reflex camera in 1937, then the world's first camera with a coated lens in 1946. The year1962 took the Hi-Matic camera by Konica Minolta beyond the realms of the earth and into space by astronaut John Glenn on Friendship 7.

Going onto the printing and copier field, Konica Minolta Refill Toner launched the world's first copier to use latent image transfer in 1975, and then in 1983 came the copier with zoom magnification again another first! 1987 and 1991 saw the world's first single-pass two-color copier and three-color combination copier and fax machines respectively. In 2001, Konica Minolta launched the polymerized refill toner.

Konica's Environment Friendly Technology

The Polymerized Toner People today are more environmentally conscious than ever. Leading this trend is the Polymerized Toner that Konica created to reduce waste and printing costs.

The Manufacturing Process: The first step in the process is to synthesize resins that are approximately one hundred nanometers i.e. one billionth of a meter in diameter via emulsion polymerization. These polymerized resin particles are then chemically coagulated and fused into precise ratios. Coloring pigments and additives are added to obtain the standard colors. The process also utilizes very little energy and hence conserves energy which now a days is a very important and expensive commodity!

What to Expect From the Polymerized Toner

Now why would one use the polymerized toner, here is why,

All Konica Minolta Refill Toner color laser printers use polymerized toner, which reproduces high-quality images to give its customers be it in professional photography or business documents, complete satisfaction and value for money. The small diameter and uniform shape of these toner particles offer superior concealment, which means space previously left between each toner particle has now been eliminated. As a result, the toner provides consistent, high-quality images with improved reproduction of text and fine lines.

Since polymerized toner needs no oil for fusing, it produces natural-looking low-gloss color images and documents that can be written on as well as allow notes to be attached to, and are therefore suitable for business use.

Smaller toner particles have a better transfer rate to paper, which thus reduces the amount of toner used in image reproductions hence conserving the toner and reducing recurring toner replacement costs.

Polymerized toner is also friendlier to our environment. It requires less energy in its manufacturing process than conventional toners that use traditional kneading and pulverizing methods.

The amount of CO2, NOx and SOx emissions that cause global warming and acid rain are cut by approximately 30%.

Therefore if you are planning to buy a printer and are very conscious of the environment around you and would want to contribute to it's betterment; and also be able to use technology then what are you waiting for go ahead and get yourself the appropriate printer according to your requirements from the diverse range provided by Konica Minolta Refill Toner.

In addition, rest assured you are getting value for money and you are not guilty of splurging on technology that will destroy our environment in the long run because Konica puts in efforts to make their products as environment friendly as is possible!

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