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Environmentally Friendly Computer Use That Saves You Money

There are several steps you can take to become an environmentally friendly computer user; the obvious benefit is that it reduces the impact you have on the environment. However, as with most environmentally friendly actions, the added bonus is that it will save you money (oh and doesn't take any extra time and expends very little effort!).


Firstly, ensure you switch off all those LED lights - they cost you money to keep them running! That includes monitors, speakers, printers, scanners and anything else that 'glows in the dark'. This may be just turning your monitor off whilst you go for coffee, or turning everything off overnight. And just remember...if you turn your speakers off when not needed, you can't be embarrassed by everyone in the office hearing the musical birthday card your mum just sent you!

Secondly, when buying a new printer etc...don't just throw your old on in the bin. If it's in any sort of working order, there are plenty of charities (just check your local phone book) that will gladly take it off your hands, whether for their own use or to send to needy projects elsewhere. Less landfill...better use! Or if you think it's worth the effort, you could even put it on eBay!

Thirdly, even though your inkjet cartridges may state that you should only use their ink, most people who refill or exchange find that there is no drop in print quality. As long as it doesn't invalidate your manufacturer's warranty, you'll save potentially hundreds over the lifetime of your printer if you use it regularly. Alternatively, if you don't want to do this, make sure you donate your old cartridges to charity - do a quick internet search and you'll find lots of different worthy causes who'll send you a freepost envelope for you to return the dead cartridge in.

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