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Printing Your Own Cards

For big businesses, seeking the help of professional printers help them create professional and sleek looking business cards. But for small business working on a tight budget, availing of these professional services can be costly for them. So what could a small business owner do? They can always consider making their own business cards. Although own made business cards do not always express a professional image, they can still convey a feeling of commitment that can assure potential customers of the dedication and expertise that you put in your products and services.


Business cards may be small but certainly they can work big wonders for your business.

In addition, you can produce the exact number of cards you need when you need them and when you run out or need to change some information, producing new ones is simple, quick and easy.

When you do decide to create your own business card you have to have a computer, a printer, business card paper and the necessary software. Some of the information that you need to include in your business card are your name, address, phone, email plus your business name and logo. You can also include a brief description of your services or your business slogan. As much as possible keep the images and graphics simple. Avoid also using clip art images because it tends to make your card look cheap. Instead, use scanned photos or artwork that is appropriate for your business theme.

If you intend to print the card in different colors limit it to one or two colors only and use a good business card paper. Make sure that the paper is compatible with your printer to avoid any problems when printing. Glossy paper can always be a good choice but they can cost more than the matte papers. So buy only the paper that fits your budget and printing need.

You can leave the other side of the card blank to allow the customer to write there the date and time of their appointment with you. You can also print a map of your location at the back or include there direction on how to locate your store. Once you have given your card to potential customers they will keep it in their wallet and always have your information at their fingertips. Hence, when designing and creating your own business card, remember to employ some creativity in it to achieve the impact that you want. So get started with your own business card as soon as you can and remember to make it put your best face forward.

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