Inkjet and Toner Printer Cartridges Refill

Ink Cartridge Recycling

Let s take a moment to think about the topic of ink cartridge recycling. In our modern world we just keep throwing our trash away without sparing it a second thought. But where does all this left over trash go? It all goes to the local landfill polluting the land and water table. Is there anything we can do towards saving the planet ? What if you could help save the planet and make some money doing it? It sounds too good to be true doesn t it? Right now there are companies that will take away your empty ink cartridges and give you money in return!


A number of companies will be more than happy to take those old cartridges off of your hands and give you cash for your troubles. Visionary companies see the benefits of recycling for the planet and also the employment potential of such projects. If there are particular inkjet brands you tend to use like Apple, Canon or Epson the recycling companies will happily buy the empties from you. You can go through a list of cartridges and select the type you have they will tell you how much you'll get in return. The rest is done through e-mail or over the phone. Isn t that a neat way to reduce waste and help the planet at the same time?

Another popular place to find information on recycling inkjet cartridges is at They will help your non-profit organization, school, sports team or library achieve their goals in fund raising. Funding Factory offer their services as the biggest free recycling fundraising program in the United States and Canada. They'll give you top dollar for your old cartridges which in turn will allow many schools to reach their potential goals with their fundraising projects. This is a great site and it's free! What a great way to rid yourself of your old ink cartridges.

Ok, so what if you want to do the recycling yourself? There are plenty of options available to you. A number of companies sell kits that are specifically designed to allow you to refill your inkjet cartridge. Prices vary from vendor to vendor - as can quality so buyer beware. A refill kit contains a syringe like instrument, some rubber stops and the replacement ink itself. The "syringe" is filled with ink and inserted into the cartridge to quickly top it up. Some people find this whole process a little too messy. For other people it's a money saver that's well worth the effort. In addition, you are also saving the planet by reducing plastic waste. Refilling your ink cartridges is worthwhile in terms of saving you money and also helping the environment.

One final note is to check with the manufacturer of your inkjet cartridge to see if they operate their own recycling program. At the moment Hewlett Packard, Epson and Lexmark operate a defined inkjet cartridge recycling program whilst Canon are still catching up the rear. Lexmark even go as far as paying for the postage! On the website you'll find tons of useful information on cheap inkjet cartridges

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