Inkjet and Toner Printer Cartridges Refill

Reliable cheap ink jet cartridges

Ink jet printers are extremely popular and affordable ways to print your important documents and digital pictures from the comfort of your own home. While most ink jet printers are very inexpensive, costing less than $50, ink jet cartridges that are necessary are usually highly priced. If you have an ink jet printer at either your home or office and would like to save money on ink jet cartridges then here are some tips.


Ink jet cartridges usually come in two categories, blank ink and colored ink. Most cartridges quickly fit into the ink jet printer easily and provide a few hundred pages of printing. If you print a lot over the course of a month or two you can easily run out of black ink or color ink. Replacing ink jet cartridges can be extremely costly and can cost the price of the ink jet printer in only a few replacements.

There are two alternatives in replacing high priced ink jet cartridges. You can refill HP ink jet cartridges with ink or you can ship your ink jet cartridge to a special service that refills them professionally. Both of these alternatives are much cheaper than buying brand new cartridges and can save you lots of money in the long run.

HP nk refilling kits can be purchased at most computer stores, they come equipped with easy, step by step directions on refilling your ink jet cartridge manually. Most people don't have any problems refilling their cartridge manually and save a fortune using this technique.

If you don't want to touch your ink jet cartridge you can find services where you can ship your cartridge have it professionally filled like brand new and returned to you in about 10 days. These services are about half the price that it costs to buy a new cartridge and definitely worth the effort of mailing out your cartridge. So if you have an ink jet printer, follow these tips to save big on ink jet cartridges.