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Choosing the Best eCommerce Solution

If you plan to operate a successful ecommerce website, you simply must have an ecommerce solution that enables you to accept credit cards. Statistics repeatedly show that the ability to accept credit cards increases sales. Once upon a time consumers were timid about placing orders online using a credit card; however, with improvement to ecommerce solutions including the availability of encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which provides security for web-based transactions, the fears of having credit card information intercepted in transit have been eliminated. An ecommerce solution should feature a secure server which uses encryption to keep your customers' personal information and credit card numbers safe and secure so they don't have to be concerned about being subjected to fraud.

There are a few basic ecommerce solution options for accepting credit cards online. You can open a merchant account through your bank, use an internet-based broker, use a fulfillment house to process your orders, or use a third party merchant account provider. Things to consider when choosing an ecommerce solution for your merchant account are the monthly fees, the discount rate (the percent you are charged per transaction), the ease and speed of processing, and the method for accessing your money. You also should consider the types of cards your ecommerce solution allows you to accept through your merchant account. The major credit cards that you should accept include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Since ecommerce enables you to sell your products or services worldwide, an ecommerce solution that empowers you to accept credit cards internationally and in different currencies can also be important.

Next to accepting credit cards through your ecommerce solution, you may want to consider offering other payment options. Some options to consider include the acceptance of PayPal payments, debit cards, online checks, and digital cash. Of course, for those who are still leery about ordering online, a toll free phone number and a form for fax or mail orders should be provided as an alternative to ordering online. At any rate, your ecommerce solution should provide plenty of options to meet the unique needs of every customer who may want to buy from your company and the ecommerce solution should make the customers feel that placing an order with you is completely free from risk.

So, what is the best ecommerce solution for you? That is up to you to decide. The features to compare before selecting an ecommerce solution include:

1. Security
2. Cost
3. Speed of processing
4. Variety of options for the consumer
5. Ability to access your money

When you choose an ecommerce solution compare these features. Keep in mind that your ecommerce solution simply must give your customers a sense of security so they will have confidence when placing an online order with your company. Also remember that even though there are costs associated with accepting credit cards, the increase in sales that your company experiences when adding an ecommerce solution for accepting credit cards is well worth the expense.

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