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Google Updates

The emergence of the Big Daddy update is caused much confusion and upset especially among the ecommerce community. When ranking a website, the search engines do not take into consideration how long the site has been in existence. Although it does sometimes take a couple months for your site to be included in all of the major search engine rankings, the length of time you have operated your site is not a relevant factor is determining how it ranks among other sites. Since Google s Big Daddy update, many veteran websites experienced a drop in their search engine ranking.

If you depend solely on you online business income, this drop in visitor traffic can have a devastating effect. Many webmasters and business owners are frantically struggling to try and figure out how to regain their previous rankings.

Websites that are designed mainly to provide the owner with affiliate income are being affected the most by the latest Google update. Often times when a website is created for the purpose of generating income from ads or affiliate advertising, the site itself does not contain a lot of useful information. Webmasters or business owners will often use short keyword articles to fill the content of their pages.

Often times these articles are written for the search engines only and do not provide content that is easily readable for actual visitors. Many of the articles may include the required search keywords but the articles themselves are not relevant to the topic and do not make a lot of sense. Google is now able to better detect this and the result is that these sites are being penalized for their marketing techniques.

Whether you are a new or experienced webmaster, the best advice you can heed in dealing with Google s Big Daddy update is to make sure your website contains content that is of value to visitors. Don t write your web pages just to please the search engine spiders. Try to have as much helpful and useful information as possible for visitors to your site. If you have a website that contains around one thousand pages of content, you are more likely to be higher ranked among the search engines than a site that only contains fifty pages.

Another important point to remember is that although Google has a big impact on how your site is ranked, it is not the only search engine available. In recent years, Yahoo has also become a popular search engine company for Internet users. Be sure that your site is listed with all of the major search engines. By doing this the Big Daddy update will not have such a dramatic effect on your ecommerce site.

Websites that have a high number of incoming links seem to be enjoying a reasonable amount of success since the Google Big Daddy update. It is a good idea to ask webmasters who have a product or service that compliments your site to add a link for your site to their web pages. However, before doing this you should make sure that the company is reputable and has a good customer service track record. Also, be sure that their site contains quality content that is valuable to visitors.

Although Google s new update may be having a temporary ill effect on some websites, this can often be overcome but simply making a few changes to your site. First of all, try increasing the number of pages linking to your website. Second check your site to make sure that all of the pages contain quality well written content. If your website is mainly composed of a lot of ads and outgoing links, do not expect to have a favorable ranking among any of the major search engines. In order to achieve and maintain a successful ranking among the search engines, you have to update and add new content to your website on a regular basis. Remember there are no shortcuts or quick fixes available to improve your site s ranking. A successful website takes time and patience

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