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Animal Welfare Advantages

Would you have guessed that there are around sixty-eight million dogs in America living in forty million households? Would you believe that nearly thirty billion dollars are spent on pets annually?

Clearly, Americans are animal crazy. There is little we will not do for our beloved pets. We take them with us wherever we can-to the corner store, a caf , on a train. We buy them gourmet food, order customized beds for them and dress them in specially made clothing. We are attentive to their every need, making sure they also have top of the line health care.

In many ways, we treat our pets like our children. We shower them with affection and bask in their attention. And when something goes wrong and Spot or Fluffy suddenly falls ill, we do whatever we can to fix it right away.

In turn, it is important for pet owners to have comprehensive and up-to-date information about medical treatments and nutrition available to them 24/7. While it is true that their vets may be their best resource, these vets may not be the most reliable. For example, what happens if your vet is on a lunch break when you call or if the office is closed for the day when Spot gets tangled in a fence?

A website that lists the latest news on vaccines, diets, exercise programs, and emergency animal treatment is priceless. In an emergency situation, the pet's owner does not have time to spare; answers are needed right away. Logging on to a pet care resource site takes just seconds and it will provide the facts they need immediately.

Owners can also save money by using a pet care site. If one can find a solution to Fluffy's dry skin problem on the internet, there will be no need to schedule an expensive consultation with a doctor (and Fluffy will be thrilled that she is being spared the stress of an office visit!).

The best pet care websites also offer money saving opportunities. If you are a pet store owner, maybe a local brand of fish food will offer a discount to your viewers, or perhaps you could post a reduced price on dog toys for anyone who comes into your store and mentions your website. Obviously, there are numerous promotional possibilities. All you need is a clever idea and an attractive web presence.

Here are some other examples of what can be included on a resourceful site:

-Information about pet boarding
-Information about pet travel and safety
-Using your pet as protection in your home
-Common diseases and common cures in household pets
-Allergies: Human and Animal
-Grooming techniques (traditional and otherwise)
-Training techniques for large and small animals

Breeder information for dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Having a well designed and informative website is a huge bonus for your clients and you. Whether you run a veterinary service, own a pet store, or at a trendy pet "barkery," the internet can help you to advertise and expand your customer base. A website shows that you are serious about reaching out to your community and providing helpful information, specializing in small business development, for Apollo Hosting. Apollo Hosting provides website hosting, ecommerce hosting, vps hosting, and web design services to a wide range of customers.

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