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Paying The Right Price For Your Ezine Advertising

Ezine advertising can be very inexpensive but it is important to know what you are paying for. Sometimes the cheapest ad you can find really isn't the right ad for you and your marketing campaign -- and if that is true then no matter how cheap the price you paid too much. There are several factors that influence the price of ezine advertising but these are the five most important. 1. The type of ad. Usually you pay more for solo ads, then sponsor ads, and less for classified ads. 2. The size of audience. How many subscribers does the ezine have signed up? It is also helpful to know when the subscriber base was last checked. Depending on their subscription management system some bogus addresses sometimes get on a list. 3. The topic of the ezine. How focused is the subject matter and audience interest? The more information you can learn about the ezine's subject matter and subscriber demographics can help you identify whether or not this match will be productive for you. 4. Single or package deal. Sometimes you can buy package deals that include substantial discounts and even free ads. This is worth checking out as you should really run an ad more than once in any case to test its true response rate. 5. The advertising season. You are more likely to find discounts and deals in the first part of the year (January or February) as advertising tends to be a bit slower. You are least likely to find discounts and deals at the end of the year (October, November, December) as ad sales are high to take advantage of the holiday buying season. Some ad calendars may shift due to subject matter. For example, an ecommerce newsletter might gear up at the beginning of the new year as people act on their New Year resolutions (and attempt to pay off holiday debt). As with anything you buy you should comparison shop as well as apply these five factors to any ezine advertising deal you encounter. There are many great ezine advertising deals out there. Remember a high price tag is worth it if you can generate a number of sales.

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