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Internet Shopping Soars In The Weeks Before Christmas

The Internet has emerged as a cost-effective and reliable medium for performing online business transactions. More and more companies are now adopting this medium for procuring their goods. E-procurement advantages primarily include saving money, time, and extra workload normally associated with paper works. The conventional procurement process usually involves lots of paper processing, which consumes a large amount of time and money. In some instances, the processing cost has been reduced by as much as 85%.

Its as easy as 1 - 2 - 3,

If your going to make a real success of your online business or work from home business you will need to register a domain name for your new enterprise and pick up a budget business hosting plan.

If you Purchase your web hosting plan with White Star you will get 33 fantastico scripts enabled as part of your package. You will need to enable a CMS with ecommerce add ons, we are recommending Mambo CMS. Yes the White Star Internet Marketing web site is run on Mambo Content Management System (CMS), a free content management system that is search engine friendly, just look at these top 10 rankings in Google results for White Star Internet Marketing:

Google Search: top 10 seo london uk
results = 933,000
Position: 7

Google Search: seo sem london
results = 197,000
Position: 1

Google Search: online business seo sem
results = 1,650,000
Position: 8

The mambo system was installed only two weeks ago and already the site is in the top 10 on Google.

Once you have set up Mambo, pop over to and get mamboshop.php the shopping cart add on for mambo.

That s it, make sure you configure your ecommerce payment solutions and upload lots of info about the wonderful things your going to sell. When you have done all of that go back to our home page and learn how to get your new website indexed by Google and MSN immediately with out spending a penny.

So all that stands between you and an avalanche of profits from tour new online business or work from home business is $12 per month and a PayPal account.

you can read the full report from the BBC here

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