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Will My Blog Make Money?

Blogs can be very profitable because they are brilliant viral marketing tools and they bring visitors back time and time again. With proper research and execution anyone can achieve this. For more details see my money making blog marketing plan

Many blogs won't make any money. Alan Meckler and Weblogs, Inc. s take is that 99.99% of blogs just aren t going to make money.

That may be true for a few reasons:

* Most blogs are designed to spread a message not sell something

* Many blogs are designed to push traffic to an existing website to make a sale

* Blogs that do attempt to make money often fail because blogs were never designed as an ecommerce solution

As a side note to this there are some great Wordpress shopping cart plugins in the works I will speak of these in a future post...So be sure to check back

I suppose its also depends on your definition of a blog. A blog to me is just a website that offers updated content.

The key to success is and things to remember:

* Don t serialize a blog as a blog- it is just a website

* Integrate your commerce with your content

* Provide information and content first and commerce as a side note-

Even after all this is over, there is no word like remaining stable in online marketing. Continue moving forward and adapting yourself to newer technologies and better marketing techniques to stay ahead of all those competitors.

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