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Landing Page Xpress PRO - Beat Google's policy change against URL sharing and profit now more than ever with AdWords & AdSense! Instantly beat Google's policy change of January 6, 2005 against URL sharing, profit even bigger and better than ever before with Google's AdWords and AdSense, plus 30 additional income streams. Landing Page Xpress PRO allows you to instantly beat Google's policy change of January 6, 2005 against URL sharing. Till then, anyone could have just joined almost any affiliate program and set up an AdWords account with Google and profit (and as outlined in Chris Carpenter's ebook "Google Cash") But all that changed when on January 6, 2005 This meant the elimination of about 98% of all affiliate programs using Google AdWords that were not prepared for this. The ONLY way to beat Google's new policy is to first create a landing page (or <em>splash page </em> as it's often called also) - and then redirect from that same landing page to whatever affiliate sites you are enrolled in as an affiliate. We at My Net-Marketing Center quickly got on the ball and developed Landing Page Xpress PRO soon after this announcement, and where you can get an instant complete web site business in just hours - completely set up with multiple income streams already in place. Plus, each Landing Page comes complete with its very own Electronic Sales Manager (ESM) so that arriving visitors can sign up FREE for our newsletter, yet inside each issue, all your visitors are directed to return back to your Landing Page ( not to our sites!) Additional income stream features include: Ability to sell advertising space with a rotator on your Landing Page Google AdSense Google Search Box (so that those clicking from your site will still earn you credit properly if later using AdSense elsewhere) Landing Page Xpress PRO in highlights: Allows you to instantly beat Google's policy change of January 6, 2005 against URL sharing Allows you to do this with just a few clicks of your mouse Allows you to instantly put into place up to 30+ income streams on a single Landing Page Allows you to make sales 24/7/365 automatically all year round Provides you your very own Electronic Sales Manager (ESM) to go to work for you round the clock making you sales Allows you to enjoy additional income from BOTH Google AdWords as well as AdSense Allows you to earn additional moneys by selling space on your Landing Page to others wanting to buy into your traffic What Landing Page Xpress PRO will do for you? Provides you an all-in-one multiple income stream web presence Allows you to forever beat Google's policy change against URL sharing Allows you to earn more money and establish greater economic leverage from a single web presence online

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