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Establishing an Online Storefront for a Business

I wanted to develop my importing business so I sought the help of an online storefront builder with a shopping cart. Ten years back we were leaders in our sector for dealing of imports from Afghanistan, but we didn t adapt to technology hence suffered a loss of market share. It took is a time to pin point the reasons to loosing business at a quick rate. Each and every product was put up on website with details about price, description provided.

A contact number to place orders was also provided. We thought it was enough and could not spot the lacking feature. But in the end it turned out to be simple. Here is a great shopping resource We didn t have an online storefront providing a shopping cart, so our customers would find it impossible to place orders online. Nowadays, people are so accustomed to buy everything online over the net, that several of our clients with whom we had established a relationship placed their orders somewhere else.

It was not at all complicated to set up the online storefront. I am in no ways an internet savvy guy and we at present do not have a web designer employed, hence I dealt in setting it up. It was not trouble at all and the online storefront functioned perfect right from the day it was set up. I was pleasantly surprised to see how efficiently the online storefront performed.

There is only one issue. The online storefront presents an entirely differing look compared to rest of the site. Under usual circumstances, this is not something that I would be worried about, but the recent loss in the business, I am not ready to risk anything. Besides I feel that it is shabby and sloppy.

I have no clue on the online storefront puzzle, hence would have to hire a new web programmer. Its only my brother, a few employees and me who manage the entire spectrum of business. So I am very apprehensive about hiring anyone new.

Our approach to business is extremely pragmatic and finding new company or people to work with is always difficult. But the online storefront problem needs to addressed soon.


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