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Outsourcing Oracle E-Business Suite

Multinational Corporation. As its name reads it deals with international business practice and has to tune Oracle Applications to local or regional specifics, often referred as localizations. Localization usually has two aspects: fiscal compliance and language support. As corporation penetrates to large country fiscal compliance part of localization usually becomes the first priority.

Oracle Applications, in the eve of Oracle Fusion, is very efficient platform for being supported remotely, sometimes referred as offshore, nearshore or outsourced. The majority of Oracle E-Business clients have basic set of modules, also referred as Oracle Financials. Let s take a look at outsourcing options and pitfalls.

Central Worldwide database. This is ideal scenario, however in real world Oracle EBusiness Suite might be spread over across several regional servers. In any case, web client interface provides remote connection to Oracle EBS users and administrators. Natural way to include Oracle consulting company into the same group

Very good example is Brazil. It has federal, state and local municipal taxation. For Brazil worldwide outsourcing partner has to coup with one of local Brazilian Oracle partners, who should implement and support Brazilian localization

Reporting. This one of the most promising Oracle outsourcing directions. Report is very formalized by its nature and it is relatively simple to find report designer , who will create the report according to your specs and will ask clarification questions if needed. Majority of Oracle reporting tools: Oracle Reports, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle XML Publisher, RXi Report, FSG Reports, Business Intelligence System are good candidates

Extension Development. Oracle customizations are often referred as extensions. Also extensions are compared with modifications, where modification is the change to standard Oracle EBS database and extension is preferred way to go


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