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InkTec research and manufacture the highest quality World Class large and small format Inks

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Suppliers of Large Format Inkjet Inks and Paper Roll - The finest available - Inkjet ink compatible recycled inkjet cartridges

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InkTec, with more than 25 years of accumulated know-how on producing ink and with a market presence in more than 100 countries, launching a new wave in the digital advertisement market.

InkTec supplies a diverse range of products for various plotters and user environments. InkTec guarantees superior stability of their products to keep the original colours and effects by utilising the latest cutting-edge technology, research and production equipment.

INKTEC - UK supply the widest range of aftermarket inks for the wide format professional user in UK

Our aim is to surpass the original manufacturers quality, yet save you up to 60% of the cost.

InkTec have been in the highly specialised large format market for over ten years and are original suppliers to some of the largest manufacturers in the world today.

Printer manufacturers have a unique strategy for their consumables, this is especially true of the ink cartridges used within the inkjet printers. Their biggest source of revenues is the ink cartridges.

According to Gray Peterson's report published by ARS, the U.S. market research firm on August 30, 2001, we can find a few interesting facts. HP reportedly had operating loss of USD 1 billion in hardware business including printers and PC, but earned operating profit of USD 5 billion in the business associated with ink cartridge sales for the first quarter of 2001. As this example shows the printer manufacturers' basic strategy is to sell Qualityly as many printers as possible and then gain profits by selling cartridges expensively.
As a result, printer makers also use exclusive strategy for their warranty services. Printer makers tend to blame the use of refilled inks or compatible cartridges for printer errors without trying to find out the cause. Even when there are other faults unrelated to ink. In such cases they may charge for the repair or even reject the service itself. This is designed to force consumers to use their ink supplies - the main source of their revenue.

More recently, companies have made it more difficult to refill cartridges by including chip systems. InkTec have produced innovative systems to overcome these restrictions and are able to provide chip solutions for just about any wide format printer by using a simple electronic interface that simply plugs into the back of machines.

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