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InkTec research and manufacture high quality World Class large format and small format Inks

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LFP Rolls - Media for Wide Format Printers from InkTec UK


Discount for Multi Roll Purchases - Orders usually despatched same day if the order is concluded and confirmed in stock before 3pm

Media Type Product Code Roll Spec. / Size Price (ex Vat and Delivery Add to Cart

BACK LIGHT FILM (CLEAR PET Base) for Water Based Ink

Back Light Film


ITP-BG1-24 610mm X 30m (24") £66.86
ITP-BG1-36 914mm X 30m (36") £100.05
ITP-BG1-42 1067mm X 30m (42") £116.67
ITP-BG1-44 1118mm X 30m (44") £139.25
ITP-BG1-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £139.25
ITP-BG1-54 1372mm X 30m (54") £162.96
ITP-BG1-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £162.96

SYNTHETIC PAPER (PP Synthetic Base) for Water Based Ink

Synthetic Paper

(Self Adhesive PolyProp)

ITP-SPPW-36 914mm X 30m (36") £65.60
ITP-SPPW-42 1067mm X 30m (42") £76.48
ITP-SPPW-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £91.04
ITP-SPPW-54 1372mm X 30m (54") £108.80
ITP-SPPW-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £108.80
Synthetic Paper

(Self Adhesive PolyProp Gray)

ITP-SPPGW-36 914mm X 30m (36")  
ITP-SPPGW-42 1067mm X 30m (42")  
ITP-SPPGW-50 1270mm X 30m (50")  
ITP-SPPGW-54 1372mm X 30m (54")  
ITP-SPPGW-60 1523mm X 30m (60")  
Synthetic Paper

(Non Adhesive 80um)

ITP-SPNW-36 914mm X 30m (36") £49.60
ITP-SPNW-42 1067mm X 30m (42") £58.40
ITP-SPNW-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £68.80
ITP-SPNW-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £83.20
Synthetic Paper

Medium Weight Banner

(Non Adhesive 180um)

ITP-SPNW2-24 610mm X 30m (24") £49.50
ITP-SPNW2-36 914mm X 30m (36") £67.20
ITP-SPNW2-42 1067mm X 30m (42") £77.92
ITP-SPNW2-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £92.80
ITP-SPNW2-54 1372mm X 30m (54") £97.52
ITP-SPNW2-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £97.52

CLEAR FILM (Clear PET Based)

Transparency Film / General ITP-CFN-36 914mm X 30m (36") £66.29
ITP-CFN-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £92.18
ITP-CFN-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £110.64
Transparency Film / PSA Type ITP-CFP-36 914mm X 30m (36") £90.32
ITP-CFP-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £125.60
ITP-CFP-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £150.80


Heated Transwriting Paper ITP-HTP-24 610mm X 30m (24") £36.41
ITP-HTP-36 914mm X 30m (36") £49.93
ITP-HTP-44 1118mm X 30m (44") £74.93
ITP-HTP-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £74.93
ITP-HTP-54 1372mm X 30m (54") £74.93
ITP-HTP-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £87.40
ITP-HTP-63 1523mm X 30m (63") £87.40

ROLL UP & POP UP (Light Block, Clear PET Based)


(Light Stop 300um)

ITP-POP-36 914mm X 20m (36") £125.00
ITP-POP-42 1067mm X 20m (42") £147.00


(Light Black 145um)

ITP-RU-36 914mm X 30m (36") £106.17
ITP-RU-42 1067mm X 30m (42") £127.33
ITP-RU-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £149.50


Cost Free Fabric Banner LCT001 914mm X 45.7m (36") £141.43
LCT002 1067mm X 45.7 m (42") £165.00
LCT003 1270mm X 45.7 m (50") £196.43
LCT004 1372mm X 45.7 m (54") £212.14
LCT005 1523mm X 345.7 m (60") £235.71
Art Canvas


(100% Cotton)

CAN004 610mm X 12 m (24") £41.43
CAN005 914mm X 12 m (36") £61.43
CAN003 1118mm X 12 m (44") £70.71


Back Light Film

(Eco/ Full Solvent Glossy)

ITP-SBG-24 610mm X 30m (24") £63.08
ITP-SBG-36 914mm X 30m (36") £93.08
ITP-SBG-42 1067mm X 30m (42") £108.31
ITP-SBG-44 1118mm X 30m (44") £127.69
ITP-SBG-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £127.69
ITP-SBG-54 1372mm X 30m (54") £153.08
ITP-SBG-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £153.08
Back Light Film

(Eco/ Full Solvent Matte)

ITP-SBM-24 610mm X 30m (24") £63.08
ITP-SBM-36 914mm X 30m (36") £93.08
ITP-SBM-42 1067mm X 30m (42") £108.31
ITP-SBM-44 1118mm X 30m (44") £127.69
ITP-SBM-50 1270mm X 30m (50") £127.69
ITP-SBM-54 1372mm X 30m (54") £153.08
ITP-SBM-60 1523mm X 30m (60") £153.08
Synthetic Paper

(Solvent Glossy, PSA)

ITP-SSG-24 610mm X 30m (24")
ITP-SSG-36 914mm X 30m (36")
ITP-SSG-42 1067mm X 30m (42")
ITP-SSG-44 1118mm X 30m (44")
ITP-SSG-50 1270mm X 30m (50")
ITP-SSG-54 1372mm X 30m (54")
ITP-SSG-60 1523mm X 30m (60")
Synthetic Paper

(Solvent Glossy, NON)

ITP-SSM-24 610mm X 30m (24")
ITP-SSM-36 914mm X 30m (36")
ITP-SSM-42 1067mm X 30m (42")
ITP-SSM-44 1118mm X 30m (44")
ITP-SSM-50 1270mm X 30m (50")
ITP-SSM-54 1372mm X 30m (54")
ITP-SSM-60 1523mm X 30m (60")

PHOTO PAPER (microporous) for Water Based Ink

For Matt / Satin / Gloss Microporous Photo Papers please call for a quote


Hi-Res Matt Coated Paper 170gsm MAT011 610mm X 30m (24")
MAT001 914mm X 30m (36")
MAT002 1067mm X 30m (42")
MAT003 1270mm X 30m (50")
MAT004 1372mm X 30m (54")
MAT005 1523mm X 30m (60")

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